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  • Bathroom design failure results in washed hands becoming infected even before you leave the bathroom. Learn how this happens.

  • Good Morning America did an experiment to see how well students washed their hands during the course of the day. Guess what? They failed!

  • Montizuma's Revenge may be a humorous reference to serious case of diarrhea, but the illness is nothing to scoff at. It can be deadly serious.

  • Many hospitals have their own police force to make sure personnel are scrubbing up. Studies have proven that this is a good idea.

  • A study of germs in the office work place resulted in a surprising revelation. It may appear that germs in the cubical are sexist!

  • Are germs sexist? Here is an amazing study that may answer this question. Ladies beware of what's lurking in your pocket book!

  • Here are a few handwashing tips you might not think about. Hand washing may be your best bet for good health!

  • Handwashing with soap and water and handwashing using alcohol rubs...which one is better. You may be surprised by the answer.

  • Petting zoos are great fun for kids, but there is danger lurking among the sheep, goats, and rabbits. See why handwashing is so important at such places.

  • Finally, we have a success story on handwashing compliance. Here is an example hospitals can follow.

  • Germs are equal opportunity microbes which means adults as well as children can become infected. Adults need handwashing education too!

  • One of the earliest studies demonstrating the dangers of germs came out of the morgue years ago. You must read this fascinating story.

  • What motivated a juniior high teacher to create a handwashing poster? The answer is my junior high students. See why!

  • Handwashing poster motivate people to wash their hands. According to the CDC, handwashing is the best means of preventing disease. Our hand washing posters get people to "Scrub em!"

  • Mike Adams believes that the CDC is talking down to us with their messages on handwashing. Read his hilarious take on the subject.

  • Many restaurants have a little sign in the bathroom warning employees that they must wash their hands. See why this is truly a farce.

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  • After a study of handwashing compliance in the ER, it showed that there is room for improvement. Hospital personell are instructed to wash their hands after every patient contact, but it doesn't always happen.

  • People fake handwashing. If this sounds crazy...well it is!

  • Highbrow folks at a fancy gathering were observed to see if they were more apt to wash their hands after using the facilities than the common folks. You will be shocked!

  • Influenza is one nasty disease that can be fatal to those with weak immune systems. Most healthy people survive influenza or the flu, but it's not without many awful symptoms. You can reduce your chances of catching the flu simply by handwashng. Herer are some facts about influenza that may help you avoid it.

  • MERSA is a deadly superbug that is life threatening superbug difficult to control.

  • Handwashing in schools is of tantamount importance. Germs can spread through a school like wildfire. It's important for all schools to carry out handwashing initiatives.

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  • Super bugs are becoming more common today for several reasons. These life threatening germs make it crucial that we wash our hands.

  • You always read the compaison between some germ infested place to the ground zero of germ places...the toilet seat. Here is how our germ detectives discuss their finds at lunch break. ( No offence to microbiologist)

  • Typhoid Mary was a real person who was sent to prison for spreding Typhoid Fever. She didn't contaminate hundreds of people as it is told. Here are the facts.

  • Typhoid Mary was an infamous germ spreader years ago, and my family has its own Typhoid Tim. See if you recognize any of his habits in your family.

  • Here is a poster that dramatically shows why you should scrub your hands. It has the names of some of the thousands of harmful germs found on soiled hands and the nasty things they can do to you.