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Typhoid Tim: Family Germ Spreader


  Fingers That Reach Out and Touch


Our Typhoid Tim never met a food he couldn’t contaminate.  As Typhoid Tim passes though the kitchen his fingers dart out and plunge into any food under preparation or left unguarded on a plate.   The word finger-food has a whole new meaning to our Typhoid Tim.


Once at a clan gathering someone came around with a tray of hors' d' oeurves .  This gourmet display of delectable food was covered with a clear piece of cellophane.  You had to discreetly uncover it and stab what you wanted with a toothpick.  Typhoid Tim reached under the cellophane and tapped on the top of all the hors' d' oeurves like he was playing a piano!  The hors deourves became his keyboard as he talked to the server.


If you have a basket of rolls, or a bag of cookies, Typhoid Tim feels compelled to touch each and every individual roll, and cookie befoe choosing the one he is about to eat. As for a can of nuts, he plunges his fingers right to the bottom, fishes around and drags out a few leaving who knows what behind.  (Actually, many people do this, not just Typhoid Tim.)



 Germ Farm Poster motivates people to scrub 'em! Why Wash Hnds shows why and names germs    Stop Superbugs by handwashing!

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I ordered a dozen of your "Germ Farm" posters. They were so attractive I had all 12 of them framed! They are great attenion getters that make people smile as well as scrub up! Jan Valentin Cedar Haven Nursing Home Pa


Double Dipping


Double dipping?  Our Typhoid Tim invented it.  If you keep a watchful eye on him, you will catch him taking his fork out of his mouth and dipping directly into the serving dish of mashed potatoes.  Anyone want seconds?


We have all heard of those people who get up in the middle of the night, raid the refrigerator, and then drink directly out of the container be it milk or soda, and then slyly place the container back in place.  I asked Typhoid Tim if he had this nocturnal habit. His response was a no comment along with a mea culpa smile. 


  Underwear in Microwave


Typhoid Tim recently did something I had never seen before.  He placed a young child’s underwear in the microwave! He came marching into the kitchen brandishing the underwear in one hand while reaching for something to eat with the other. He then went directly to the microwave, tossed in the underwear, and casually set the timer.  No, he hadn’t confused the microwave with the wash machine.  His response to the shocked observers was, “Hey, they are clean. They just came out of the wash.”  You see, he wanted to dry them.


Sick Often in Winter


I would be remiss not to mention that Typhoid Tim is sick more often than most people during the winter months. It seems that every cold, every virus, and every diarrhea causing bug comes his way. Maybe a rocket scientist could figure out the reason why! To Tim's credit, even though he is a germ spreading nightmare, he is a wonderful guy in need of training!



Cost of handwashing posters:  Considering what you must pay for a doctor's office visit, time lost from work or school, and the suffering caused from hand to mouth germ contamination, a dozen Brain Grease handwashing posters is a real bargain! Grab your copies now to reduce doctor's bills and to promote good health.


Value...Handwashing posters get "other people" to wash their hands. This helps us all avoid contacting germs called "superbugs."


Our customers consist of corporations, hospitals, universities, schools, day care centers, retirement homes, and government health agencies. State health agencies influenced us to give a special discount to orders of 1,000 or more.

You will find our posters displayed at Harvard University and many of the hospitals in the Boston area. If you wish to order a thousand posters or more, please email us or call us for a special discount. Contact details below.

Quantities may be limited, so order now to meet future needs. Any event dealing with health and handwashing initiatives will be enhanced with these posters. For guraranteed delivery for your event, order now.



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