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 MRSA...One nasty superbug!

Handwashing posters by Brain Grease can help prevent

serious illnesses by reminding people to "scrub' em!"


 Germ Farm Poster motivates people to scrub 'em! Why Wash Hnds shows why and names germs    Stop Superbugs by handwashing!

 Durable index stock 11x17 Great attention getters!


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  Super Bug Facts:

  • Superbugs are germs that are resistant to antibiotics 
  • Antibiotic use promotes the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria 
  • Superbugs are created when livestock are fed antibiotics (antibiotics in our food encourages the creation of superbugs) 
  • Treating  a colds and  flu with antibiotics encourages the creation of superbugs ( antibiotics have no effect on virus germs that cause colds and flu) 
  • Turkey,pork, chicken, and beef are sometimes contaminated with superbugs  (After handling these meat products you should wash your hands to avoid any superbugs that are present. Don’t forget to disinfect the counter tops and cutting boards) 
  • Many people become infected in hospitals because of conditions that are unsanitary
  •  25%-30% of us have staph bacteria in our noses AND DON'T BECOME CONTAMINATED
  • Staph is one of the most common causes of skin infections in the U.S 
  • MRSA infections are common among people who have weak immune systems

                   Picture of a Killer in a Petri Dish


Image: MRSA



According to CDC more people die from MRSA than Aids and Breast Cancer combined.  In 2005 over 386,000 infections with 19,000deaths






Center of Disease Contol Creates MRSA Awareness

The Center of Disease control released the following information on the "Superbug" as it is called.

  • The name of this germ is Stapylococcus aureus
  • This germ is present in and on the bodies of about 30 percent of the population
  • This germ is blamed for the cause of 94,000 life-threatening infections in 2005
  • It is estimated that 19,000 deaths were caused by the "superbug" in 2005

How to Protect Yourself From MRSA Infection

  • The first line of defense in protecting yourself from MRSA infection is practicing good hygiene through handwashing
  • Also, be aware of skin sores and boils that may be caused from this germ. 
  • Don't share personal items such as combs, jewelry, razors, and soap  

Superbug Poster Hot Off the Press

Brain Grease just released a new poster called "Stop Superbugs!"  Keeping up with the many orders for this poster is a challenge with all the publicity and concern over the superbug.  Please check out our other posters too.

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